Second Wave of 2020 Endorsements

I’m proud to endorse these outstanding Democratic candidates who will work to get the virus under control, rebuild the economy and the middle class, and protect Americans’ health care and preexisting conditions protections from Republican assault. They’re dedicated to shoring up and strengthening our democracy, a project that’s going to take time and require all of us — but it begins by electing Democrats right now. So give these candidates your vote — and vote early if you can, either by mail or in person.



Tom O’Halleran, U.S. House, (AZ-01)

Hiral Tipirneni, U.S. House, (AZ-06)

Coral Evans, State House, (LD-06)

Felipe Perez, State House, (LD-11)

Jennifer Pawlik, State House, (LD-17)

Judy Schwiebert, State House, (LD-20)

Kelli Butler, State House, (LD-28)

Aaron Lieberman, State House, (LD-28)

Felicia French, State Senate, (LD-06)

JoAnna Mendoza, State Senate, (LD-11)

AJ Kurdoglu, State Senate, (LD-17)

Doug Ervin, State Senate, (LD-20)

Christine Marsh, State Senate, (LD-28)





Margaret Good, U.S. House, (FL-16)

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, U.S. House, (FL-26)

Donna Shalala, U.S. House, (FL-27)

Josh Hicks, State House, (HD-11)

Kayser Enneking, State House, (HD-21)

Patrick Henry, State House, (HD-26)

Geraldine Thompson, State House, (HD-44)

Jim Bonfiglio, State House, (HD-89)

Franccesca Cesti-Browne, State House, (HD-115)

Loranne Ausley, State Senate, (SD-03)

Patricia Sigman, State Senate, (SD-09)

José Javier Rodríguez, State Senate, (SD-37)

Javier Fernández, State Senate, (SD-39)


Rev. Raphael Warnock, U.S. Senate

Lucy McBath, U.S. House, (GA-06)

Carolyn Bourdeaux, U.S. House, (GA-07)

Sara Tindall Ghazal, State House, (HD-45)

Nakita Hemingway, State House, (HD-104)

Regina Lewis-Ward, State House, (HD-109)

Mokah Johnson, State House, (HD-117)

Robert Trammell, State House, (HD-132)

Joyce Barlow, State House, (HD-151)

Matielyn Jones, State Senate, (SD-45)



Jen Pellant, State House, (HD-16)

Heather Matson, State House, (HD-38)

Kayla Koether, State House, (HD-55)

Eric Gjerde, State House, (HD-67)

Christina Blackcloud, State House, (HD-72)

Kelcey Brackett, State House, (HD-91)

Jennifer Kakert, State House, (HD-92)

Marie Gleason, State House, (HD-94)


Sharice Davids, U.S. House, (KS-03)

Jo Ella Hoye, State House, (HD-17)

Mari-Lynn Poskin, State House, (HD-20)

Jennifer Day, State House, (HD-48)

Ethan Corson, State Senate, (SD-07)



Hillary Scholten, U.S. House, (MI-03)

Jon Hoadley, U.S. House, (MI-06)

Elissa Slotkin, U.S. House, (MI-08)

Haley Stevens, U.S. House, (MI-11)

Matt Koleszar, State House, (HD-20)

Julia Pulver, State House, (HD-39)

Padma Kuppa, State House, (HD-41)

Sheryl Kennedy, State House, (HD-48)

Christine Morse, State House, (HD-61)

Jim Haadsma, State House, (HD-62)

Angela Witwer, State House, (HD-71)

Chokwe Pitchford, State House, (HD-79)


Angie Craig, U.S. House, (MN-02)

Aric Putnam, State Senate, (SD-14)

Aleta Borrud, State Senate, (SD-26)

Bonnie Westlin, State Senate, (SD-34)

Ann Johnson Steward, State Senate, (SD-44)

Melisa López Franzen, State Senate, (SD-49)

Susan Kent, State Senate, (SD-53)

Lindsey Port, State Senate, (SD-56)


Jill Schupp, U.S. House, (MO-02)


Chris Pappas, U.S. House, (NH-01)

Ann McLane Kuster, U.S. House, (NH-02)

Sue Ford, State Senate, (SD-01)

Jenn Alford-Teaster, State Senate, (SD-08)

Shannon Chandley, State Senate, (SD-11)

Melanie Levesque, State Senate, (SD-12)

Kevin Cavanaugh, State Senate, (SD-16)

Donna Soucy, State Senate, (SD-18)



Ritchie Torres, U.S. House, (NY-15)




Kim Schrier, U.S. House, (WA-08)


Sara Rodriguez, State Assembly, (AD-13)

Deb Andraca, State Assembly, (AD-23)

Emily Siegrist, State Assembly, (AD-24)

Kriss Marion, State Assembly, (AD-51)

Beth Meyers, State Assembly, (AD-74)

Kristin Lyerly, State Assembly, (AD-88)

Amanda WhiteEagle, State Assembly, (AD-92)

Paul Piotrowski, (State Senate, SD-24)

Jonathan Hansen, State Senate, (SD-30)

Brad Pffaf, State Senate, (SD-32)

Last month, I endorsed another group of Democratic candidates in states that had already concluded their primaries. Take a look at the list and support them if you can.

Dad, husband, President, citizen.

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